Sunday, August 30, 2009

Video: Liz Clark and the Voyage of Swell

This is a video about my friend Liz Clark who is solo sailing around the world on her boat Swell. Liz is an adventurer like no other, a fearless surfer, impressive diver, fisherwoman, eco-warrior and an inspiration to us all. I'm looking forward to seeing the full movie called "Dear & Yonder."

With all this in her favor, it might sound weird that what impresses me most about Liz is that she can climb a coconut tree. Seriously, it's really really hard to do. The first time I met her, she had been invited to a party on our Tuamotu pearl farm and, being that she was short on supplies but wanted to contribute, she brought over about twenty drinking coconuts she had collected herself. This, we all knew, must have taken hours of work climbing up tall trees like a monkey. At this moment all the guys on the farm fell irrevokably in love with her.

After months in the Tuamotus and other remote archipelagos Liz spent a few months here in Teahupoo, Tahiti - now she's in Raiatea repairing her boat. Wherever she's been with us, she's always added lots of life and been a great addition to the community.


  1. Beautiful video. What an exciting life. I feel so landlocked right about now...

  2. Celeste - thanks for your comment. Wow, you are in Tahiti, that's great because I have someone I know if we go there. :)

    You are a writer? Wow, I am sure I have read some of your articles, I subscribe to all travel magazines. :)

  3. Hey Rasa Malaysia I'm a huge fan so I'm honored you're here on my site! I write about Malaysia for Lonely Planet, got hooked on the food and now you help me keep my home kitchen spicy. Yes, please look me up if ever you visit!

  4. Liz is living the dream - I'll share it with her in my dreams from Santa Barbara, Ca. Safe journey my kindred ocean friends. xx Nicola of

  5. Who'd have thought back in 1990 that you would be the one out on a boat and not your older brother.
    Fair winds Liz.
    Kirby and Lee, ex Lena, ex Tobias



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