Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Passports With Purpose Round Five: Honduras

It’s that time of year again. For the fifth time in the last six years Kamoka Pearl is donating a prize to Passports With Purpose via my blog (last year I was so crazy busy that I missed it). I really love doing this since it’s a way to blend my travel writing with my family’s Tahitian pearl business in a way that reflects my values and I hope, the values of my work.

Each year Passports With Purpose seems to find a grassroots organization to support that resonates with whatever happens to be going on in my life at the time. They funded a school in Cambodia the year I went to Cambodia, they built a village in India the year I left my small village in Tahiti, they built libraries in Zambia the year I got serious about writing and publishing my memoir (it’s now agented and in the works) and this year they are donating proceeds to teach sustainable farming in Honduras – I grew my first successful crop of organic tomatoes this last summer.

Whatever Passports With Purpose chose to support, their travel savvy team finds organizations that do exceptionally meaningful work with the funds procured. Sustainable Harvest International will use this year’s money to teach rural farmers in Honduras sustainable farming techniques that will help them move away from slash and burn agriculture. From the funds, one extended family will get sustainable farming training and coaching for five years. Not only does slash and burn deplete the soil and make farmers constantly need more land to farm (which can encourage the cultivation of virgin forests), but it can also leave them destitute as when they run out of land to use. Find out more about Sustainable Harvest and their successes here.

The Prize
This year Kamoka Pearl is donating a $250 gift certificate to use at our online store. I’m a co-owner of Kamoka, raised my babies on the remote Tahitian pearl farm and now my husband Josh Humbert and I are running an online boutique of Kamoka jewelry here in the US. Our pearls are the most sustainable gems you can find on this planet and we pride ourselves on producing fine quality that’s in tune with nature from a farm that provides a great place to work for many islanders and their families. We’ve been featured in National Geographic for our sustainability and Josh was a keynote speaker at the first Sustainable Pearls Forum in Hong Kong this year. At the forum, Josh was accompanied by industry leaders like Paspaley, Mikimoto and Tiffany’s -- although those names are the biggest in the pearl world, little Kamoka Pearl is a far bigger name when it comes to sustainable pearl farming and Josh was able to inspire the big guys and teach them a thing or two.

Use the gift certificate towards any Kamoka products. We’ll also provide free shipping via USPS Priority Mail to anywhere in the world. The certificate will be good for one year and can be used multiple times until the full amount has been used. Check out our online store to see what’s available!

How it works
To enter to win the Kamoka Pearl gift certificate or one of many other great prizes, just head over to the Passports With Purpose website and go to the Prize Catalogue. Each $10 you bid on a prize will enter you one time to win that prize. The money you bid will be donated to the Sustainable Harvest project in Honduras.

So thanks and best of luck! Josh and I also bid on a few prizes at Passports With Purpose each year and you’d be surprised how easy it is to win. We won a wine tasting tour around Washington one year and many of our friends have won prizes too.

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