Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Moose-Jam on the Cabot Trail

Ah, Nova Scotia's Cape Breton Highlands National Park: long stretches of winding road, few cars and pristine pine forest in all directions. But all it takes is one moose on the side of the road and suddenly the Cabot Trail forms a traffic plug.

I may sound like I'm heckling but I am no better than the RV, car-camping crowd. I stopped, ran over to the other side and got my prize photo of the moose's rear end.


  1. Celeste~~

    I've been reading your awesome blog (and some of your books) for a while and am so fascinated by the stories of your travels! In the past couple of months, I wondered if you'd initially go through a homesick period for Teahupoo. But I figure that since you'll always have your home there ~ you haven't really left, you're just experiencing other adventures for now. :0)

    I liked your 'moose on the loose' entry on the latest blog. Here in Anchorage they are EVERYWHERE from the middle of downtown to everyone's yard. The trick here every summer is harvesting the greens, beans, cilantro, etc.. before the moose do. Some people put up fences, but we enjoy watching the mama moose deliver their babies (1 or 2) in the yard just about every spring.

    Anyway~ your blog really allows readers get a feel for the many places you've experienced (and will experience!) and I hope you don't mind hearing from readers once in a while. :) I love how much the stories vary. From the "missing in action" story in Costa Rica.. to that crazy market in Indonesia. :-O

    I've gotta tell you... that market story was freaky!! I wish it was the bats and rats I remembered when I think about it, but for some reason it's those dogs you saw that stick in my mind.. :(

    Thanks again Celeste for sharing your travel stories on this awesome blog!


  2. Thanks to all of you who comment in Chinese or Japanese. With the translation program you all sound very wise - like a fortune cookie and I really appreciate it!

    Hokeybear - are you just seeing if it works to comment? I moderate comments now because I got a few unsavory spammy comments. Just post, I read, then it goes up! So say whatever you want :-)

  3. Wow Celeste! Thats amazing! I went around the Cabot Trail with some co-workers this year in May and we actually ran head on into a moose on one of the hiking trails. He scared us and we scared him too! He ran off so fast we barely had time to get our cameras on!

  4. April you're lucky! In Canada I'm always working so don't have much hiking time and am limited to the side of the road. But better the side of the road than the middle of the road!

  5. Hi Celeste! No, I wasn't just testing here. I sent messages two different times about moose here in Anchorage, but I'm just not sure what I'm doing wrong. They definitely weren't comments that would've been moderated out so I must've just zapped my comments into the ozone by accident. Thanks much for the response! :o)

  6. I fall into that category of heckling the RV's and Campers but pulling off myself to take a picture at the first sight of a moose. Great Post. I love to hear about moose stories, I run a blog all about moose and these are the stories I love to her.



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